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Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Floral Preservation

Flower Preservation

We preserve flowers for weddings and celebrations in life!

This makes a perfect gift for a bride to be, newly engaged couple, mom, sister, friend, housewarming gift, gift for those who need a keepsake of a special life event (new baby, engagement, graduation, Valentine’s Day, new job) or a stunning art piece!

Beautifully hand crafted resin tea light rectangular candle holder is filled with flowers or greenery. Gold, silver, or rose gold foil can be added, as well as glitter and imitation pearls.

Complimentary gold, rose gold or silver flakes (indicate in the notes).

We can also add fabric from your wedding dress, ribbon from your bouquet, pins, charms, something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue. It is up to you!

What better way to remember your special day with such a beautiful gift. Just ship your bouquet and it will be preserved in a crystal clear backdrop where the colors will not fade and it can be cherished for a lifetime!

We love creating these special keepsakes for you and will work alongside you to preserve your flowers.

We can either recreate your bouquet with in stock flowers or you can send us your own.

Item Details

❤️ 4”x2”wide

Due to this item being custom made, once it is complete there are no refunds. No returns or exchanges as every other piece is custom made. Items may have small imperfections such as bubbles and lines. Due to the nature of resin, shifts in flowers do happen and therefore we will try our best to create the layout requested but may not guarantee the final layout. We have the right to make adjustments as needed with the flowers to create a beautiful layout and fill as needed.

Once we receive your order, we would send you detailed instructions on how to ship us your flowers.

Rectangular Candle Holder

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