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Wedding Flower Preservation Package Sapphire:

8”x 8” x 3” Cuboid

Square Ring Holder

Oval Trinket Dish


15% off additional items added to this package.

We have four tiers new for this year!

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We do floral preservation and custom orders!

Beautifully hand crafted resin 8” x 8” x 3” cuboid, square ring holder, oval drinker dish, and earrings with flowers or greenery. Gold, Silver, Rose gold foil can be added, as well as glitter and imitation pearls.

Ring Holders, trinket dish, ornament are sold separately. Check out our other listings.

This makes a perfect gift for a bride to be, newly engaged couple, mom, sister, friend, housewarming, or to remember a loved one from a funeral/celebration of life.

Keep a set in your living room, office, vanity, counter, anywhere really.



The Process:

The Sapphire Package

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